A February recap

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For such a short month, it sure was jam-packed with projects and activities!

• We (those over 16) got both doses of the Covid vaccine. Wonderboy’s disabilities qualified him and his adult household members. Big relief. The second dose did pack a wallop, as we’d been warned, but a half day of side effects were totally worth it. I’ve never been so happy to have a fever in my life!

• A major ice storm knocked out our power, but only for one night and day. Nothing like the Texas hardships. Lots of tree limbs (and whole trees) came down around the neighborhood. I forgot to bring in my Swedish ivy from the porch and it froze to death.

• I finished a manuscript and sent it off to my agent. We’ll see what we see…

• I completed a major project for my nonprofit client. Lots and lots of reading and review.

• Read A Wrinkle in Time to Huck and Rilla (and Scott, who began scheduling his coffee time around our readalouds). One of the best parts of the month.

• Two weeks after my second dose of the vaccine, I went. to. Trader. Joe’s. My first time inside any building that wasn’t my house or a doctor’s office in a year! It was glorious and weird.

• Wrote my monthly newsletter—it went out yesterday, so if you didn’t receive it, check your filters!

• Books I read: Make Time; Start Finishing; The Kitchen Madonna; Year of the Dog; Big Magic; Writing Down the Bones; Three Simple Lines; Wild Mind (halfway); Do the Work by Steven Pressfield; Familiars by Holly Wren Spaulding; and parts of several other books I hope to finish this month. (Most of these are listed on my Bookshop.org page. And I’ve caught up my sidebar booklist here on the blog.) Most of these were rereads—some of them, I’ve read many times over.

• In bloom (as of yesterday): snowdrops, daffodils, crocuses, the odd hellebore here and there. Oh, and wild violets in the lawn!

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  1. Kortney Garrison says:

    Oh! The Kitchen Madonna! Just put it on hold. I’ve got my eye on Three Simple Lines as well.

  2. Melanie B. says:

    Oh frabjous day! I’m so happy to hear about friends being vaccinated. My mom has had both doses and I think my dad gets his second tomorrow. My sister has had her first dose this week. Dom and I are probably going to be able to sign up soon.

    A Wrinkle in Time is such a lovely read aloud. We’re currently reading Narnia and it’s been delightful to watch Lucy going through it for the first time– technically she heard the audiobooks when she was a toddler, but she doesn’t remember them at all. Prince Caspian today and the wonderful scene at Aslan’s How when Peter and Edmund and Trumpkin listen at the door as Nikabrik reveals his evil plot.

    Natalie Goldberg is such a good friend. I pulled out Writing Down the Bones not too long ago and only leafed through it, but it was a nice visit nonetheless.

    I love your violets. We are still waiting for spring flowers, but the robins have been singing their territorial songs and the sparrows have been hopefully investigating the nesting box that Ben made in scouts. My three oldest are going on a scouts camping trip tomorrow night and I won’t be sad to stay home with Anthony and Lucy, there are still patches of snow on the ground. Brrr. Dom is planning to bring a book and sit by the campfire most of the day.