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Books: Your Go-To Gift

December 5, 2011 @ 6:18 pm | Filed under:

’Tis the season to stroll around your favorite local bookstore and pick out the perfect tome for every name on your shopping list. Is there any nicer gift than a book? And they’re ever so much easier to wrap than a mug!

If you need ideas, MotherReader has a massive list of book-and-other-item pairings that would make splendiferous gifts. And over at GeekMom, Jenny devoted an entire installment of the Holiday Gift Guide to books. (I put in the rec for Nursery Rhyme Comics.)

The newly reissued Betsy-Tacy Treasury arrived last month. You know there’s someone on your list who’d be enchanted by that tome. (And I don’t just mean little girls. Teachers, neighbors, your aunt who grew up in the midwest…)

If you’re looking for picture-book ideas, there’s always my Rillabooks tag. But I’ll go you one better. If you’d like to give the perfect book to that special someone and you’re stumped for the right match, leave me a note in the comments telling me a little about the person: age, interests, other books he or she loves. I’ll make recommendations for you. (And other commentors may chime in.)

What books are you giving this year? (I promise not to tell the people on your list.) 😉