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Alabama bug question

May 28, 2011 @ 6:57 pm | Filed under:

A coppery-colored* flying insect, about the size of a small butterfly, with translucent, veined wings like a leafhopper. The wings were much smaller in proportion to the body than is the case with a butterfly. Skinny, bent, grasshoppery legs (um, I think, if I’m remembering correctly). From its head, a little upward-curving horn (not really a horn, but that’s what it looked like, almost a rhino effect). And upcurling pincers or something from the back end, as well.

Any idea what that was?

*(Huh. In the one regrettably unfocused, unhelpful photo I snapped, the thing looks more like a yellow-green. Long skinny body. It was the curling tail and horn that intrigued me!)

EDITED TO ADD the unhelpful photo. My camera couldn’t focus on the thing, plus I was inside looking through the glass door to which he was clinging. All you get from this picture is (maybe) an idea of coloring and body shape. I’d say he was a little over an inch long. The blurry horizontal bars are miniblinds.