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Medical One-Sheet — a tool for caregivers who spend lots of time in doctors’ offices

July 26, 2018 @ 2:37 pm | Filed under:

SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON HERE! A children’s hospital stay, a San Diego trip, Comic-Con, oh my. But not now! I gotta work! But I wanted to share this thingie I made.

This morning I mentioned on Facebook that I was updating my boy’s medical one-sheet in preparation for a visit to a new doctor. This remark generated a flurry of requests for a shareable template. So I’ve put one together and stuck it on Dropbox. I’ll work on a Google Docs version later.

Medical One-Sheet

(I used to call this my Doctor Roster—some of you may remember when I thunk it up!)

Adapt and share as you wish. Cheers!