Talk About a Rabbit Trail

April 10, 2006 @ 4:36 pm | Filed under:

Meet Peter Rabbit’s scary cousin. This guy wouldn’t leave a rabbit trail; he’d leave a highway. Yikes!

HT: Scott. (And yes, there really has been a bear sighting in our neighborhood. Three times, in fact! He is haunting the woods behind the street we live half a block away from, paying visits to bird feeders. That’s a little too much nature study for me.)

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  1. Avatar

    Christine says:

    My daughter saw the pic and said, “They caught the Easter Bunny!!”

  2. Avatar

    Steve the LLamabutcher says:

    Scott busted me—okay, so I was bored, and the suit was left over from a birthday party last year.

    That’ll teach me for watching Jellystone re-runs for hours on end….