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Saturday Roundup

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Here are all the posts I flagged this week as particularly interesting:

Dawn of By Sun and Candelight offers a collection of links for Earth Day. Herbal cleansers, ecological footprint quiz, and more.

Living Math. (HT: Tracy at 4Real.)

Victorian novels for children. (HT: Big A little a. Lots more interesting links in Kelly’s post.)

Food for thought from Becky at Farm School.

Weaving a tartan shawl at Bruggie Tales.

Mastering our moods at The Common Room. Also: Where’s Marmee?

Scary tree-climbing photos, pixie houses, pond life, and more at The Cottage Garden.

Aglio y Olio at Kitchen Comforts.

In the she-read-my-mind department: Rebecca of A Gypsy Caravan waxes eloquent about baby slings. I was actually planning a post of my own along these same lines, as I am currently delighting in my own return to sling days. The bairn is nestled in her little pouch at this very minute, as I write this post. Whenever I write a post these days, you can bet I’m wearing the baby. I have written entire novels with a baby snoozing in my trusty sling. Were it not for the sling, the carpets would never be vacuumed during my new-baby years, dishes never washed, nature walks never taken. Jane bounced all over Manhattan and Queens in hers. (I used to bring the stroller along for toting groceries, but the baby always rode on my hip.) Rebecca includes some charming photos in her post. I’ll have to see if I can dig up a photo record of our own happily slung babies!

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