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Have a Cuppa This

April 19, 2006 @ 11:10 am | Filed under:

I loved Natalie’s blog and have missed her posts. Now I can get my fix and then some: Natalie has joined three other bloggers to create The Homeschool Cafe. Good to the last drop!

And if you need something to dunk in your coffee, check out the new Food Blogs section in my lefthand sidebar. As a less than enthusiastic cook but seriously enthusiastic eater, I am finding lots to drool over in this mouthwatering collection.

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Oh, This Could Have Been Ugly

April 19, 2006 @ 10:34 am | Filed under:

“MOMMY!!!!!!! You know that little pink ball I found at the park? It just exploded EVERYWHERE!”

I am nursing a four-day-old: I can’t exactly spring up and rush to the scene of this alleged explosion. Scott hears and comes thundering. Even more alarming than Rose’s outcry is my husband’s quiet “Ohhhh no.”

Seems that little pink ball was a paintball.

Fortunately, the explosion—and an explosion it was indeed—occurred in the bathroom. Rose had just finished washing her newfound treasure and was drying it with the hand towel.

I keep having little flashes of what might have been (the sofa, the carpet, the drapes, the children). Scott will see me shudder and know at a glance what I’m thinking.

“I know,” he’ll say. “Suppose it had happened in the car?”

Talk about dodging a (little pink) bullet.

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