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Join Us for a Month of Motivation

June 25, 2006 @ 11:08 am | Filed under:

Jenny over at Big Slice of Life, Small Slice of Cheesecake is launching a project called Month of Motivation. Jenny’s goal: to lose ten pounds before the BlogHer conference. Stop by her blog and cheer her on!

Jenny is inviting others to join her in spending the next thirty days (starting Monday, June 26th) working toward a goal in daily increments. I’m game. What I need motivation for: a grand household decluttering. Closets, dressers, bookshelves, the works. Jenny’s right in understanding that publically announcing a project like this can help keep you committed to the work. If my enthusiasm flags, you’ll all know it. Eek.

I think what I’ll try to do for this thirty days is post a picture every day of any boxes or bags of Stuff I’ve managed to part with. I’ll make a sidebar photo album for the purpose. Ooh, just thinking about this makes me shudder. No, really, I can do it. I’ll do the FlyLady thing and set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes of decluttering every day. Starting tomorrow, because today is a day of rest.

How about you? Care to join us? Got a project you need to undertake? Or maybe it’s your goal to read poetry every day, or to make weekly menus and follow them, or to pray a daily rosary, or to listen to a particular symphony until you know every note. Leave a comment here or on Jenny’s blog with your goal for the Month of Motivation. We can all egg each other on.

Thanks for the Traffic

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Darren Rowse of Problogger has a very good point.

“My Mum always taught me to say thank you,” he says, “so I thought it was time I did by thanking some of the sites that have sent me traffic.” And he invites the rest of us to follow suit. “Perhaps we should make this a semi regular event of acknowledging the places that keep our blogs going by providing readers.

Darren is right. Without readers, we bloggers are talking to ourselves. I do appreciate the traffic y’all send my way. Really, one of my favorite things about blogs and blogging is the sharing. Look! I found this fantastic book/website/quote/article! Check it out! What do you think?

There’s a reason Show and Tell was everyone’s favorite thing about kindergarten. It’s as much fun to watch and listen as it is to show and tell. So: here’s my great big thanks to all of you out there who are showing and telling such interesting, inspiring, and thought-provoking things; and thanks to the folks who have linked here when it’s my turn to Show and Tell.

Here’s a special shout-out to my top twelve referrers from recent months:

Karen Edmisten
Farm School
The Llamabutchers
Danielle Bean
Chicken Spaghetti
Big A little a
A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy
Spunky Homeschool
Real Learning
The Common Room
Jen Robinson’s Books Page
Suitable for Mixed Company

I also get a lot of traffic from the folks on the Real Learning Webring, especially Bruggie Tales, Castle of the Immaculate, Cajun Cottage, By Sun and Candlelight, and, of course, my virtual home away from home, Cottage Blessings. Thanks, all of you!