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Gosh, You Guys, I’m Blushing

June 29, 2006 @ 1:37 pm | Filed under:

Wow. This is one of those days when you keep tripping over your own name all over the internet, and you feel so strange, like you’re eavesdropping except you aren’t. First it was the nice surprise at Loni’s blog, and then it was a very sweet post by Tracey. Thanks, both of you, for the uplift.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this new ClubMom gig so far is the growing sense of community among the bloggers and our readers. Which I suppose is the whole point; the goal of the MomBlogs and the MomNetwork, as I understand it, is to build connections between moms around the world. And I really value that kind of connection, because internet friendships have broadened my horizons and bolstered my spirits; they have expanded my understanding, sparked my enthusiasm, warmed my heart, and fostered my sense of compassion. Some of the women I met on the CCM list years ago, and the AOL baby boards before that, have become real-life friends I can’t imagine doing without. And in the past year I’ve made a whole new crop of pals (along with many old ones) (that phrase needs a lot more words for me to link to) at the 4Real boards. Now there are new friends here in the making among the readers and writers of ClubMom.

This is an immensely reassuring thing to know when, hypothetically, your family is suddenly (and hypothetically) contemplating a hypothetical move to the other side of the non-hypothetical country. Since you all live inside my computer, I can take you anywhere I (hypothetically) go.

Today I noticed some new names in the ClubMom blogroll:

Fast Times at Homeschool High
Two Peas in an (i)Pod
Three Sons and a Princess
Stop the World – I Want to Get Off
Mommy, Are the Toys on Sale?

Take a (non-hypothetical) journey to their blogs and make some new friends.