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Ed News: This Story Just Keeps Bouncing

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Last week the education blogs were abuzz over the suspension of a Pennsylvania sixth-grader for sharing Jolt caffeinated gum with a classmate. Administrators ruled that the gum violated the school’s drug policy, which forbids over-the-counter caffeine stimulants such as NoDoz, and 12-year-old Courtney Rupert was suspended for three days.

A three-day suspension seems rather excessive to me, but I’m all for holding a kid accountable for her actions. Jolt’s main selling point is its extra caffeine. The manufacturers of the gum, however, think Courtney got a raw deal: the company has announced that it is awarding her a thousand-dollar scholarship.

“Basically we’re going to try to reverse the karma of the universe. She got a bad deal. We decided to give her a good deal,” company co-founder Kevin Gass said Friday at a news conference to announce the “Chew More Do More” scholarships.

Of the 10 $1,000 scholarships to be awarded annually, Gass said one will be named for Courtney and will go to “someone unfairly victimized.”

Guess that’ll teach young Courtney a lesson!

HT: Chris O’Donnell.

Things to Remember

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The way a newborn stretches and arches her back when you pick her up while she’s sleeping, so taut and curved in your hands, and then melts into you when you bring her close.

The way her fists press up under her cheeks when she’s nursing.

KissThe way I have to keep washing yogurt off the back of her head because her brother cannot stop kissing her, even when he’s in the middle of a meal.

The little things.