Carnival of Education, Week 73

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Welcome to the 73rd Carnival of Education! Here at the Lilting House, we are honored to be a part of this grand tradition of idea-sharing. Eleven-year-old Jane has helped me assemble this week’s carnival by supplying quotes about teachers and education.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
—William Arthur Ward

The Portable Princess writes about helping a student surpass his own expectations.

ChemJerk discusses what makes a great science teacher; Blog Around the Clock has his own thoughts on the subject.

NYC Educator believes that nothing short of good teachers and smaller classes makes good schools.

Meanwhile, A History Teacher is wondering what makes a good knowledge management system.

Tamara shares her rewarding experience at a teachers’ retreat. Can’t make it to a retreat? Tim Frederick is building a virtual teacher’s lounge.

Education Matters explores the hidden cost of tenure.

Ed at AFT ponders Pulitzers and pupil-teacher ratios.

“Mr. Brooke, my tutor, doesn’t stay here, you know.”
—from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

A Cranky Taxpayer in Virginia is none too thrilled with the governor’s wife’s statements about Richmond public schools.

At Farm School, Becky reads a recent New York Times article about a new “Gilded Age of Home Schooling” and agrees with F. Scott Fitzgerald that the rich are different.

Mamacita thinks libraries are different, too: different from the library of her childhood, that is.

“Take chances, make mistakes!”
—Miss Frizzle

Casting Out Nines shares a tale of lessons learned in a museum store. The lesson? Educational toys and games make learning fun!

That’s a topic homeschoolers love to talk about, as Sprittibee demonstrates in her sizable collection of links for a unit study on seasons, while Trivium Pursuit’s Laurie Bluedorn shares a link to a fun Classical Astronomy site.

“We sure never started school throwing books out before. We didn’t know what to think.”
—from The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill

Over at Edspresso, Ryan Boots explores how an army of innovative Davids are taking on the giants of the curriculum publishing world. We’re doing a lot of talking about curriculum here at the Lilting House, too, in an ongoing series.

You’re never too young to begin learning, as Trinity Prep School’s Maureen discovers when investigating the connection between infant bubble-blowing and language development.

But that doesn’t mean babies would be better off in school. Matt Johnston contributes his two cents on the universal preschool issue.

Government involvement in education is always a hot topic. Scholar’s Notebook thinks government solutions are not the answer to Minnesota’s education problems. Meanwhile, Spunky is keeping an eye on a touchy situation in Belgium and This Week in Education is keeping an eye on the globe-trottings of U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings.

The EducationWonks weigh in on the rise of charter schools.

“Latin, Greek, and mathematics were all very well, but in Professor Bhaer’s opinion, self-knowledge, self-help, and self-control were more important, and he tried to teach them carefully. People shook their heads sometimes at his ideas, even while they owned that the boys improved wonderfully in manners and morals. But then, as Mrs. Jo said to Nat, it was an ‘odd school’.”
—from Little Men by Louisa May Alcott

At Aridni, Todd thinks there’s a time for breaking the rules. When it comes to students’ bathroom breaks, Learn Me Good thinks the rules definitely need re-evaluating.

Speaking of evaluating, Dana Huff sees a need to evaluate how well faith-based schools are preparing kids for college. Anonymous Educator looks at how universities are evaluating student service records.

MBAXploits asks, To MBA or not to MBA?

“To teach is to learn twice.”
Joseph Joubert

There’s always something to learn at A Shrewdness of Apes, where this week Ms. Cornelius is following the issue of equal opportunity for boys in cheerleading.

Paul is interested in some scientific proof that we all need love.

Suffering from information overload after all that? Karen Edmisten has some thoughts about decluttering your brain.

Be sure to declutter your own brain in time for next week’s Carnival of Education, which will be hosted by NYC Educator. Submit your posts to nyceducator (at) gmail (dot) com by 6 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday the 4th of July.

Thanks to all who contributed to this week’s carnival, and many thanks to EdWonk for the opportunity to host!

Visit past Education Carnivals at the archive. This carnival is registered at TTLB’s Uber Carnival.

(And don’t forget to visit this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling at The Homeschool Cafe.)

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    Thanks for putting this together. I put a link on my blogs for you.

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    Thanks for hosting. Lots of reading to do.

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    Thanks very much for including me, and for the note about next week.

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    Great job.

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    Thanks, Melissa and Jane! Will post a link…

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    Carnival, carnival

    HomeSchool Cafe hosts the Carnival of Homeschooling while Melissa Wiley of The Lilting House, also a homeschooler, hosts the Carnival of Education. Melissa’s oldest child survived leukemia as a toddler; her son, WonderBoy, is partially deaf and is deal…

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    You’ve done a wonderful job with this week’s Carnival; thank you very much for including me.

    (and for accepting my tardy pass. . . .)

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    Carnival time

    Carnival of Education #73 is up over at The Lilting House. Go check out the variety of articles and the nifty teaching quotes.

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    EduBlogging of the week

    Carnival of Education #73 is up on The Liliting House. Carnival of Homeschooling #26 is up on The Homeschool Cafe….

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    This is fun. Great carnival. Pretty blog you have here. This is my first time in the Carnival of Education… as I’ve mainly stuck to the Homeschooling gang. I can’t wait to check out all these links.

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    Field Trip/Homeschool Adventure

    Be sure to gather your children around you when you go on this virtual field trip in the air condition of your home: Summertime Field Trip And, after the field trip, sent the kiddos to play outside (4 real), brew

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    Blog Carnival index: Carnival of Education, Week 73

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