Murphy’s Law

September 25, 2006 @ 8:14 am | Filed under: These People Crack Me Up

If you decide to hire a cleaning lady to do the floors and bathrooms during your last two weeks in the house, so that you may devote even more of your time to the joys of purging and packing, two things are bound to happen.

1) Five minutes after she departs, leaving a sparkling floor behind, a small child will spill a cup of juice upon it. (Juice sparkles too, you know.)

2) Five minutes after she finishes cleaning the bathroom, a small child will bump his nose (poor little guy) and get a nosebleed of the type that spatters all over the room with every sob. ALL OVER. The clean bathroom.

(But at least it wasn’t the carpet.)

(And he’s fine now, whew.)

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  1. That happens EVERY time I mop! Best wishes on your big move – I’m sure this has to be a very stressful and emotional time for you. I’m just so happy we all get to come with you!

  2. Sounds about right, except we use vomit here. It’s just our *thing*, ya know?

  3. Yup, been there done that. Only time I ever hired a cleaning lady was for moving/house selling 🙂
    Funny how even if the incidents happened before she came I would have cleaned it up anyways. Something about it happening after writing that check 🙂