Goodbye, Almost Heaven–Hello, West Virginia

October 5, 2006 @ 7:19 pm | Filed under: The Cross-Country Move

We’re in Charleston WV, not-sleeping in a hotel room. This morning was hard: the goodbyes. Then the Blue Ridge slipping away behind us. But oh the gorgeous views. We saw autumn progress by the hour: so many more reds and goldens in the trees here.

Stopped for a long break at the New River Gorge visitor center: awesome. Kids had a ball hunting the answers to nature mystery exhibits. I stopped there on a whim and we wound up staying almost an hour.


Oh hooray. Wonderboy is finally nodding off. Me too.

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  1. Sleep well! Looking forward to hearing how the journey progresses.

  2. I have been so looking forward to seeing the details of this journey each night. As usual, you have found something fun and educational to do along the way!

  3. “…driving down the road I get the feeling that I should have been home yesterday….yesterday!!!!”
    I will be singing that all day long now.

  4. Lissa,

    This is the BEST time of year to be doing your trek. The colors should be gorgeous!

    We’ve done the SC to CO trek 3 years in a row — guess that’s why now we’re staying put — but always in the Summer. I envy you the trip in the Fall!

    Blessings for a safe and learning thru living-filled trip out…..

  5. I was also thinking of that John Denver song… “Take me home, country road…” So glad to be sharing in the journey. Is your mom with you? Hope you’re not trekking as the sole adult (although I know your kids are good company)!