Standing on a Corner Down in Winslow Arizona

October 16, 2006 @ 8:01 pm | Filed under: The Cross-Country Move

I think I am now on a mission to title every other post with song lyrics. Just so you know.

I haven’t actually stood on any corners in Arizona yet, though. After our Hair-Raising Adventure, which cannot be described with thumbs alone and must therefore wait until I reach the New House (hint: it involves vomit, plane tickets, and a pack of junkyard dogs), all I could do was deposit us in this hotel, which has plenty of corners but not the kind you stand on.

I suppose I should be glad we made it 2,417 miles before anyone threw up in the car.

Before that, though: Loretto Chapel (breathtaking despite the touristy entrance fee), Sandia Crest, and the NW NM visitor’s Center (possibly the cleanest bathroom in America and a cool video on volcanoes).

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  1. Oh, no! I don’t like the sound of the junkyard dogs! I’d take vomit in the car over that …. But, you’re almost there!

  2. isn’t there a song about junkyard dogs, too? Maybe instead of writing books, you could start writing song lyrics — especially after this trip!

    Hang in there — you’re almost to the Ocean….

  3. Vomit in the car. My car-sick son does that sometimes. Oh, Blech, blech, blech! You need Febreeze and lots of it. Blech!

  4. Oh dear! I hope things calm down. Loretto Chapel with the Staircase? It’s a shame it’s a touristy place now…but I really want some day to see that. It made such an impression on my mother when she saw it as a young girl.

  5. It’s a line from a Jim Croce song: “…bad, bad, Leroy Brown, baddest man in the whole [dang] town. Badder than old King Kong, meaner than a junkyard dog.”

  6. Oh dear, oh dear. I hope you all had a restful night! You can do it — not much further now!

  7. The cleanest bathroom in America has been discovered

    Just in case you were wondering….

  8. I think you’ve all done very well making that long of a trek. Just think if you had five children who all had major car sickness. 🙂

  9. California, here (you) come! We’re super excited to finally meet you all in person! God bless you on this final leg of the journey.

  10. Hey Lissa! It won’t be long now!!
    We will pray you over the finish line!