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Hey! Look! There in my drafts folder! Between the unfinished book reviews and the reviews of unfinished books. An announcement! About the November edition of the Carnival of Children’s Literature! Yup, that’s the one. The Thanksgiving edition hosted by A Readable Feast. Note to self: If you don’t move it out of drafts, no one will actually SEE the announcement. Whadda maroon…)

Whoops. Really thought I’d put that one through two weeks ago. Well, if you missed the Carnival then, be sure to check it out now, because there’s some great stuff there.

The next edition will be hosted by Kelly of Big A little a. Details forthcoming. I promise!

Other posts of interest, most of which I meant to link to days ago:

The Loveliness of Advent, a gorgeous collection of posts put together by Jenn of Family in Feast and Feria. One of my favorites is Alice‘s simple "Advent cubes" idea—an easy and meaningful way to make the most of the season with your little ones. Alice, as we all know, has a genius way with crafts, but what I especially love about this idea is that it is so do-able for even the time- and craft-talent-deprived like me. A simple bag of wooden cubes ($2.99 at my local Michael’s) transforms into a season’s worth of rich activity and discussion for mom and children.

The Late Autumn Field Day at By Sun and Candlelight. Okay, I admit this one made me homesick for Virginia. But in a good way. All those gorgeous red and golden leaves!

(Don’t worry, I’m not blind to the beauties of Southern California. I’m a thin-blooded gal, the kind who is always cold in her fingers and toes. These balmy December days are suiting me very nicely, thank you! No coats! No boots! Iced tea year round! I’ll be fine.)

In other news, yesterday brought a surprising announcement from homeschooling issues blogger Spunky. She is moving on to other endeavors. Spunky, we’ll miss your coverage and commentary. Warm wishes to you and your family.

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