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Quickie About Chickie

December 8, 2006 @ 7:19 am | Filed under:

This week, in our ongoing efforts toward Getting Settled, I resumed my old (sporadic) practice of jotting down quick notes about what we did/read/discussed/made each day. I do this in blog form* because that works better for me than paper. Yesterday I added the new chores & meals schedule the girls and I drew up. Chicken is a staple for us, and it’s on the menu twice a week. Tonight, Friday, is grilled chicken night. I have a big bag of frozen boneless chicken breasts, and I’ll thaw a few, slather them with Tastfefully Simple Raspberry Chipotle sauce and cook them on my trusty George Foreman grill.

(Have I gushed about my George Foreman here? I love him. He is my friend. He makes my life much easier. He feeds me panini sandwiches, and there’s pretty much no faster way to my heart.)

Anyway, I was reading Genevieve‘s delightful blog this morning and saw that she has linked to an article full of recipes for grilled chicken.  Very useful. I’ll have to give some of these a try, especially the nut-crusted recipe. Yum.

*As blogs go, my daily journal is nothing special. I ignore it sometimes for months at a stretch. It isn’t really fit for public viewing, but I share the link in the spirit of putting people at ease. It’s so easy to read people’s blogs (real blogs, I mean) and feel overwhelmed by how much Great Stuff everyone is doing. I think it’s useful, once in a while, to see how much (or as is often the case, how little) REALLY happens in the course of a real live day. And what I love is that even on the days when I have comparatively little to record, there is always, always, some great conversation or moment of discovery to remember.

This Week in Bread

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Such a yummy week in our kitchen. We tried Wisteria’s recipe again, the honey wheat bread, and it was our best attempt yet. Rose up so nice and light. Not long after we put the loaves in the oven, Jane peeked through the window and yelped in delight; the one in the loaf pan had risen even more, a lot more. We were really proud of that loaf!

The other one, though, we baked on the baking stone again, and I have to find out how to transfer a rustic loaf from the bowl it rises in to the baking stone without deflating it. That has happened every time. The bread tastes good but the crumb is much heavier and denser.

Next we tried Joann’s potato starter recipe. I think I overproofed on the second rise, because it has a really long rising time and I didn’t plan well when starting out. But the bread turned out okay, and we had it for dinner last night on panini sandwiches, which: SO GOOD. Goat cheese, arugula, and proscuitto on homemade bread…oh my!