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Why We Knead This

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My daughter Jane is eleven, and she wanted to learn how to bake bread. I posted about it on my homeschooling blog, and the advice and recipes came rolling in.  So we gave it a try. And another, and another. We are loving the experience, both of us. We would bake every day if we could. We’re beginning to think maybe we can—every other day, at least.

I wanted a place to collect links and recipes, a place to record what we’re learning. It’s off topic for my other blogs, and anyway I wanted an informal, unpolished place to jot down notes. So that’s what this space is for, and if you’ve ventured in for a peek, I most eagerly encourage you to jump into the discussion. We are novices, and we’re hoping to learn a great deal from wiser and more experienced bakers. I have a zillion questions. This blog is my attempt to collect all the answers in one place.

That IS a Lot

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"Mommy, I love you as much as a unicorn."

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