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December 12, 2006 @ 7:13 am | Filed under:

A Publisher’s Weekly article discusses some of the changes in the works for the Little House books. (Laura’s books are being reissued with new photographic covers and without the Garth Williams art, and no, I’m not thrilled about it.) You’ll still be able to get Garth’s art, though, both in the hardcover editions and the colorized paperbacks, which are being kept in print.

If you’d like to hear my editor’s thoughts on the reissues, check out the comments at Fuse #8.

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  1. Avatar

    Maureen says:

    How could they ever replace those sweet illustrations we fell in love with right along with the story?

  2. Avatar

    MelanieB says:

    Laura without Garth Williams is like A.A. Milne without Ernest Shepherd. It’s just wrong.

  3. Avatar

    Maureen E says:

    Good grief! Little House=Garth Williams. There’s no other option. Period. *puts hands on hips and glares*

  4. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Have they lost their minds? These illustrations could not be more lovely.

  5. Avatar

    Beth says:

    I followed the links to a photo of the new cover — ewww! Ick. Just, wrong, on all levels. Such a pity 🙁

    I have been passionate about these books since I was a very little girl: I cannot imagine buying these new versions.

  6. Avatar

    Karen E. says:

    Eewwww is right … it’s all wrong.


  7. Avatar

    NancyP says:

    I’m very upset. I posted a comment on the publisher’s website. Garth Williams didn’t just draw cute pictures for those books. (Unlike some of the silly cover art we see today!) He went to the places Laura lived, so he could create accurate illustrations.

    This is like removing salt from your favorite bread recipe…the results will never be the same.