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December 19, 2006 @ 6:12 am | Filed under:

Do you use del.icio.us? I was just meandering through my list of del.icio.us bookmarks, and wow is there some good stuff there. Like this link, which I flagged with the intention of sharing it, and now I can’t remember if I ever did, nor whom to hat-tip:

Kids’ Corner – Featuring the Stories of Beatrix Potter (and more!)—Read (or listen to) Beatrix Potter tales and lots of other stories (including A Christmas Carol) in German, Japanese, and more. There’s also an audio interview with Mr. Rogers.

Every time I remember about del.icio.us I wonder why I keep forgetting to use it. It really is a handy way to keep track of links you want to bookmark—instead of bookmarking on your computer, you’re bookmarking on the del.icio.us site so that you can access your links from anywhere.

The tags feature makes it easy to group links by topic. For example, I created a tag for links I want to blog about, and another for posts I think Scott would enjoy. You can create public tags and private ones. Very useful.

If you’re a del.icio.us fan too, send me your username so I can add you to my network!

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  1. nancy says:

    I am a new teacher and just started using del.icio.us

  2. Sherry Early says:

    Even after reading your post (and others on the same subject) I cannot figure out how to use delicious or what it’s good for. Why would I want bookmarks on the internet?

  3. Melissa Wiley says:

    Sherry, I like it for two reasons:

    1) (and this was more important when we had two computers; now we’re down to just one) I can access my bookmarks from any computer, anywhere.

    2) Often I come across articles I want to post about or share with someone, but I don’t necessarily want to clutter up my browser’s bookmarks with the more transient stuff. That’s where del.icio.us comes in. I can save the link to delicious and tag it “to post” or “bread recipe” or whatever. The tags make it easier to organize my saved links than setting up different folders in my Firefox bookmarks.