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This post isn’t going to go anywhere; I have no thesis to develop. I just wanted to capture a moment. Yesterday, in the morning rush, getting everyone ready to go on an outing, I looked up and saw Jane, kneeling beside Wonderboy, carefully fitting one of his hearing aids into his little ear.

Just that. The eleven-year-old girl, smiling, concentrating, hands deftly positioning the ear mold and tucking the aid behind the ear. The tiny boy, head patiently tilted, cooperating. The normalness of the moment: this day was nothing special, just a regular morning.

I had to blink back tears. Sometimes it fills you up and overflows, you know? That rush of emotion when you see how blessed you are? 

How grateful I am for the moment! That such tender attentions from a sister to a brother should be commonplace, that a three-year-old should have such trust and confidence in his not-really-all-that-big big sister—to glimpse that love and trust, to notice the moment before it flies past, is the best kind of gift. It’s like God pushes the pause button on the videotape of your life, and you get a rare moment to study one single still frame before it all zips back into fast-forward again.

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  1. That is such a beautiful moment — I love those little windows into my children’s hearts too. When my older daughter was crying and my little one came up to her, patting her on the back, saying “it’s okay sister, I love you and it’s going to be okay” was a sweet, sweet moment.

  2. This post definitely went somewhere—straight to my heart. I know those moments, I know those overflowing emotions. How very blessed we are when we can just stop and soak it in.
    Thanks for expressing it all so beautifully—as always.

  3. That is a beautiful momen that you so vividly dexcribed. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. The thesis was love. The sacred in the ordinary. The eternal that, now and then, reveals itself in the routine moments of our life. A category in my quiet corner that I call “Freeze Frames”–like your snapshots–where words capture the vividness and sentiment of the moment. Netting our days, so to speak.
    A beautiful post… I could see it and feel it. *Thank you*….

    All’s grace,

  5. Exquisite, Lissa. Have you heard the song the Sarah Mclachlan sings called Ordinary Miracles? It is lovely and speaks about all of those “not-so-ordinary” moments that happen every day.

    While birthdays, Christmas, and other days are certainly special, my favorite memories are nearly always from the routine, everyday happenings. There are so many things to see when we open our eyes a little wider.


  6. Awesome, I’m welling up here…

  7. “Sometimes it fills you up and overflows, you know?”
    Yes, I know. Exactly. Like right now. Crying here. Thanks for such a beautifully captured moment.

  8. Lissa, that was beautiful.

  9. Thanks for sharing your moment.

  10. This is my first comment on anything, and I must say, a moment like that will burn in a mother’s heart forever. How beautiful it is to be a mother!

  11. This was so beautiful…thanks for so often bringing me a wonderful glimpse of motherhood! I’m always so inspired by your joyful energy. God-willing, I hope and dream of being a wife and homeschool mother myself in a few years. 🙂


  12. You should submit this to Pass the Torch Tuesday. This is exactly the sort of thing that kelly tries to highlight– catching kids being good.

  13. So sweet.
    This is more evidence of what a remarkable family you have.

  14. So well put, Lissa, especially the freeze-frame similie. Thanks so much for all your posts. You help me remember to keep it real. Being far from home/family, thatt means all the more.

    Much love to you guys!

  15. So well put, Lissa, especially the freeze-frame similie. Thanks so much for all your posts. You help me remember to keep it real. Being far from home/family, thatt means all the more.

    Much love to you guys!

  16. Beautiful, Lissa. Thank you. I will remember this one for a long time.