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Sometimes I Don’t Know Where to Post Things

February 25, 2007 @ 1:40 pm | Filed under:

Such are the hazards of having more than one blog. This post over at Bonny Glen Up Close (a dopey title, I know, and I keep meaning to change it) is much more on topic for this blog than that one, but it was written in response to a question in the comments over there, so that’s where I put it. Confused yet?

(Up Close is my informal daily-notes journal, of little interest to anyone except homeschooling moms who like to see what other homeschoolers’ real days look like. I use it in lieu of a record book—the blog platform suits me much better than any kind of book I’ve tried. It is a rough, scattershot record, but it works for me. At one point I was playing around with Vox as a platform for the daily learning notes journal instead, but I never did more than play. "Be Like the Bird" is a much better blog title, though.)

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