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What’s Going On Today?

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Hubby has thrown out his back again. Arrrgh. And yet he is determined to get to work today. Publishing, you know, it’s a deadline business.

Beanie is feeling penguiny. Her words. Our Sunday family movie was March of the Penguins, and it’s been Antarctic Central around here ever since. Bean’s thoughts on the film: "Mommy, I feel so happy ever since we watched March of the Penguins. I mean, I was happy before, but, but, it just makes me feel so enjoyable!"

Jane is deeply absorbed with the Journey North Mystery Class. She and her pal spent all yesterday afternoon updating their graphs. Love! This! Project! We’re doing it as part of a group with some friends from the 4Real forums. The boards are taking a short break during the first part of Lent, so we’ve set up camp at a temporary Mystery Class blog. I didn’t make it a public feed for fear of giving away the answers to Google-happy schoolkids around the globe, but you’re welcome to drop in and see how we’re getting along. There’s a link in the sidebar to a fantastic collection of useful links put together by MaryM.

The baby has two new teeth (sloooow dowwwn!), the boy has a New! Consonant!! (very exciting, let me tell you), and Rose has perfected the swirliest of swirly cursive Rs. And I, I invented a soup! Sort of! I cobbled together an amazingly yummy (well, I was amazed) Chicken Corn Chowder with Green Chilis, using ingredients from the various recipes I found the other day, and substituting some salsa verde for diced green chilis since it turned out I didn’t even HAVE the main ingredient I was craving. It was really good. I’m so proud. Made cornbread and everything. And last night I used the rest of my roasted chicken in some chicken fajitas, mmm, and there’s still soup in the fridge for lunch, and did I mention I’m so proud? And how awful is it that my poor, poor husband couldn’t enjoy the soup for lunch or the fajitas for dinner yesterday because neither dish is one that can be eaten lying flat on your back? And how TYPICAL is it that the week I get my culinary act together is the week my poor, poor husband can’t benefit from this rare flash of kitchen wizardry?

In the ‘Sphere:

The Carnival of Homeschooling will appear at The Homeschool Cafe later on today. I missed the deadline (more deadlines!) but I have no doubt there will be many fine posts to enjoy.

The Carnival of Education is live at Dr. Homeslice. You can read posts by teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and other folks with opinions about edumacatin’ our younguns. Much of interest there!

It’s Wednesday, which means…another fabulous collection of household hints and other advice at Works for Me Wednesday, appearing weekly at Rocks in My Dryer. Love it. And I finally remembered to add the link for my own WFMW post (written weeks ago, doh!).