Must Get Milkweed, Stat!

February 23, 2007 @ 7:02 am | Filed under: ,

I just read the latest Journey North Monarch Migration update:

Right Now… Monarchs Are on the Move!

It’s too early for spring migration, but the butterfly colonies are moving now. The butterflies are spreading down the arroyos  (streambeds) in search of water. Mexico is nearly 5 months into the dry season now, and water is scarce. These early signs of colony break-up mean the wintering season is coming to a closeand  the journey north will soon begin!

And it struck me (this keeps on striking me, and will take us all a while to get used to) that OH THAT’S RIGHT, WE ARE IN SAN DIEGO NOW, and Mexico is about fifteen minutes away. Not that the monarchs’ wintering spot is right near our border, but still…we are so much farther south now, it won’t be long before those butterflies will be passing through here, looking for a place to lay their eggs.

We filled our Virginia garden with milkweed and were dazzlingly rewarded. Looks like I’d better start scouting out a west coast source.

(You Easterners can find everything you need at

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