Run Away Cancer

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The year after Jane was diagnosed with leukemia, our friend Josiah rode in a bike marathon to raise funds for cancer research. The two of them, Josiah and Jane, were interviewed by The New York Times. I found the clipping, with a crushingly adorable photo of Jane looking starstruck by Her Hero Josiah, when I was packing for the move. I had forgotten all about it; it seems a lifetime ago. I stared at the grainy photo, wondering if the money Josiah raised had helped save some other little girl’s life.

This month, a Bonny Glen reader is going the distance for the same worthy cause. Lawrie writes:

I will be running the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN on April 28 to raise money for the Leukemia
& Lymphoma Society through the Team in Training program. My goal is to  raise $3,600. The easiest way to donate is at the website I’ve set up at If anyone would prefer to write a check, they can email me for my address at
. All donations are tax deductible.

Lawrie is about halfway to her goal, with a little over three weeks to go before the big event. Wish her luck, and chip in for a worthy cause if you can!

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