Unschooling Voices Is Up

November 2, 2007 @ 3:32 pm | Filed under:

The new Unschooling Voices is here. I’ve barely begun to dig into the posts…some good, meaty, inspiring stuff there. Enjoy.

I know it’s been quiet here this week. We had quite a week! Where to begin? Too much to tell. Family in town…an infected foot (shudder)…an overnight trip to L.A. to see Springsteen in concert oh my goodness so phenomenal don’t even get me started…Halloween…All Saints’ Day…did I mention we saw Springsteen in concert?

A wee bit of advice: it is unwise to dance on an infected foot. I’m just saying.

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  1. Avatar

    Christine M says:

    I saw Springsteen in concert oh-so-long ago – the Born in the USA tour. We were near the very top of Giants Stadium. What a fantastic performer!

    I hope your foot feels better soon.

  2. Avatar

    sarah in va says:

    Dying to hear about Sprintsteen. Hope the foot is healing. Ouch.

  3. Avatar

    Just Jen says:

    Did you happen to see Springsteen in concert? LOL