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Call for Submissions: November Carnival of Children’s Literature

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It’s that time again! This month’s Carnival of Children’s Literature will be hosted by MotherReader, who has a theme in mind:

For this month I want a tip as a reader, writer, illustrator, reviewer,
publisher, or editor of children’s literature. I want a lesson learned
from a teacher, librarian, author, or parent with regards to kids’ lit.
It doesn’t have to be a post that you did in November or October,
though you may consider tweaking and re-posting an older entry to use.
You can pick a post from any point this year. The deadline for
submission is Saturday, November 24th, and I’ll post the Carnival on
Wednesday, November 29th. Send your links through my email or the Carnival site
and please indicate, if possible, whether the tip/trick/hint is more
for reader, writer, illustrator, reviewer, publisher, editor, teacher,
librarian, or parent.

So there’s your mission for this holiday week. A much nicer way to spend Black Friday than fighting the mall crowds, if you ask me.

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