Chillin’ (Not)

November 13, 2007 @ 6:57 am | Filed under: Uncategorized

Our fridge is on the fritz. At first it was just the freezer side, so yesterday, with all our frozen food rapidly thawing, I cooked all afternoon. The fridge was still working. I filled it with parmesan drumsticks, pork chops, cooked chicken breasts, tortellini salad, and a meatloaf. That’s more than I usually cook in a week. Ha! That’s more cooking than I’ve done some entire months! I felt positively Betty Crockerish.

Then I zipped off to a baby shower for two beautiful friends. Had I realized the fridge was going to go kaput as well, I would have taken all those nice meals with me. Wouldn’t that have been perfect? Some nice meals for the ladies about to give birth?

Alas, Betty Crocker’s vision did not extend past bringing the bag of defrosted strawberries to the shower to puree and serve over the scrumptious almond pound cake we were serving. (It was a Tastefully Simple catalog party as well as a double shower; that was our cover story. Yum.)

Ah well, I’d been needing to clean out the fridge anyway.


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  1. Oh Lissa, feeling for you babe! Hope it’s fixed soon!

  2. Oh no!