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If you subscribe to this blog’s feed, you might want to click through today and take a look at my brand-spankin’-new website and blog design. This project has been in the works for a long time, and I’m very excited to unveil it today. Didn’t my designer, the lovely Emily Carlin of Swank Web Style, do a fabulous job?

I’m still working on sidebars and pages and things, but y’all are welcome to pull up a chair and visit a while while I finish unpacking. If you are a feed subscriber, you don’t have to change a thing—your feed has already been redirected to the new digs. (Which is how you found this post, of course!)

If you would like to update my link in your blogroll (for which: thank you very much), the new URL is: Easy-peasy, right?

As for my Typepad site: it’s not going anywhere. We have a ton of family bloggity stuff over there, so that account is staying put. The original Bonny Glen blog will stay just as it is, archives, sidebars, and all. I’ll put a note over there to redirect folks to the new site, but you can still dig through those archives and leave comments and whatnot. But everything that is there is also now here. All the old posts (including the entire run of Lilting House) and comments are right here.

All new posts will appear here, not there.

So welcome, welcome, welcome! Make yourselves at home!

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  1. Avatar

    JoVE says:

    The redesign looks great!

  2. Avatar

    Melissa says:

    Thanks, JoVE! You are my very first commenter over here!

  3. Avatar

    beth says:

    Looks great! And thanks for the feed update notice. 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Lisa says:

    It looks great, Lissa!

  5. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Hi Lissa – I love the font, so pretty! Everything looks great.

  6. Avatar

    Beck says:

    It looks BEAUTIFUL! My favorite colours!

  7. Avatar

    Anna says:

    This is really lovely. I admit, I was surprised to see your name on bloglines. It was a nice surprise!

  8. Avatar

    Amy says:

    Love it! Welcome to your new home. 🙂

  9. Avatar

    WendyinVA says:

    Wow! *Very* nice… :o)

  10. Avatar

    Jessica says:

    It’s Beautiful!! I love it!!

  11. Avatar

    Christine M says:

    A lovely new site! Congratulations!

  12. Avatar

    patience says:

    Oh Lissa, it’s so beautiful! A mixture of graceful antiquity and a dash of funkiness. I love it.

  13. Avatar

    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants says:

    I Love it! Absolutely wonderful!

  14. Avatar

    Rebecca says:

    Wow! It is just beautiful! I love both the blue as well as the pink. 🙂

  15. Avatar

    Betsy says:

    I love it, it is very beautiful! I am a little jealous! ;0)

  16. Avatar

    Melissa says:

    Yes, Emily really did a great job, didn’t she? She’s a gem.

  17. Avatar

    Beth says:

    Oh, this is just lovely — beautiful colors and fonts.

  18. Avatar

    clarice says:

    Melissa, your site looks wonderful. I love it !!!! Clarice

  19. Avatar

    emily says:

    I love it! I love the colors and fonts, and especially the little silhouettes in the sidebars.

  20. Avatar

    KC says:

    It’s very pretty!!

  21. Avatar

    Cici says:

    lovely! of course, i’m always late late late and was reading my google reader (newest posts first)…and so, i’m late.

  22. Avatar

    Kris Bordessa says:

    Wowza! Veddy, veddy nice!

  23. Avatar

    Motherhen says:

    Oh. I love your new website…it is so refreshing for the eyes. Thanks ,too, for the Journey North info…my 3 oldest kiddos are really getting into it…even the math-phobic 10 year old…I don’t think she realized she was really doing math!And, glad you are enjoying sunny California the long growing season is one of the things I love best about my home state!~ Motherhen

  24. Avatar

    Helen - MaryVitamin says:

    What a pleasant surprise.

  25. Avatar

    Nancy Paulsen says:

    Hi Melissa, nice new website.

    I found this on the vital records of Marblehead Massachusetts: Mary D Snow and William N. QUINER, married Aug 21, 1836. And then 2 lines above it: Marmaduke Snow and Annis WALLIS, married June 1, 1729. I’ve found a whole wad of QUINERs in and around Lynn and Marblehead Massachusetts, at least in the early censuses. Somethin to make you say hmmmm, I think?