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A Few Things Related to the Move

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I forgot to say you should be sure to check out the website part of this site—Emily really outdid herself there. I am so in love with the wiggling menu tags. Scrumptious.

And I would love to know if there was anything in my old sidebars you found especially useful. I’m wanting to keep things rather minimalist here, but if there is anything you really miss, please let me know. I’ll be adding pages here over the next little while: a links page, the aforementioned “books we love” page (recommended reading), other stuff. There is lots to do. Feedback heartily encouraged!

Speaking of feedback, I am loving the Recent Comments part of the sidebar, with the excerpts…I have always had a bit of paralysis, I think, when it comes to answering questions posed in the comments. I never know where to answer them. In the comment section? But will the person who asked come back to check for a reply? Or should I answer directly, in an email? But then we’re leaving all the other readers out of the conversation, and what if there were other people out there interested in the answer? You see? My brain goes all whirly-whirly about this, and I wind up not replying anywhere. Which is dumb.

But now I can reply in the comments and people who read here at the blog (as opposed to in a feed reader) can see bits of the reply right there in the sidebar, and all our problems are solved! World peace!

Of course if you do read in a reader, you can subscribe to my comments feed and keep up with all the meaty discussion we’re going to have here now that my comment paralysis has been forever cured. So completely cured, in fact, that I have resolved to go back through old comments looking for questions I meant to answer but never did. Oh, the fun we will have, pressing the words here at WordPress. How many words can you press? How much word could a WordPress press if a WordPress could press word?

Forgive me. My lovely new wiggly tags have gone to my head. I am drunk on web design. Sláinte!


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If you subscribe to this blog’s feed, you might want to click through today and take a look at my brand-spankin’-new website and blog design. This project has been in the works for a long time, and I’m very excited to unveil it today. Didn’t my designer, the lovely Emily Carlin of Swank Web Style, do a fabulous job?

I’m still working on sidebars and pages and things, but y’all are welcome to pull up a chair and visit a while while I finish unpacking. If you are a feed subscriber, you don’t have to change a thing—your feed has already been redirected to the new digs. (Which is how you found this post, of course!)

If you would like to update my link in your blogroll (for which: thank you very much), the new URL is: Easy-peasy, right?

As for my Typepad site: it’s not going anywhere. We have a ton of family bloggity stuff over there, so that account is staying put. The original Bonny Glen blog will stay just as it is, archives, sidebars, and all. I’ll put a note over there to redirect folks to the new site, but you can still dig through those archives and leave comments and whatnot. But everything that is there is also now here. All the old posts (including the entire run of Lilting House) and comments are right here.

All new posts will appear here, not there.

So welcome, welcome, welcome! Make yourselves at home!