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Meaty discussion in the comments.

Jane told me all about the crocheting of hyperbolic planes, including a giant coral reef model being crocheted by mathematicians and crafty folk around the world.

Rose wondered about last names like Peterson, and we talked about traditions where the last name is father’s-name-son or -daughter. Jane remembered seeing a bunch of -sson and -dottir names in the credits of Lazy Town, which is produced in Iceland. (Sportacus is blonde—who knew?)

(Sportacus is maybe my third favorite TV character, after Sawyer on LOST and in the top spot, Bobby Goran on Criminal Intent. JimandPam are fourth.)

(Oh shoot! I forgot Greg House!)

(Bobby is still at the top.)

Jane told me about genetically modified goats that give milk with filaments like spider silk in it. This gives me the creeps. But spider silk is cool.

All the talk of spiderwebs made Jane think of crocheting some of her stretchy plastic beading wire into a weblike mesh. This, too, was cool.

Rilla put on pants all by herself. Her father’s heart cracked another notch.

My nasturtium seeds are up!