Trouble Loading This Site?

March 31, 2008 @ 3:21 pm | Filed under: Bloggity

Hey, I’m hearing from some readers that the blog isn’t always loading for them. I’ve had that problem too ever since my web host changed servers last week. If you’re encountering this problem, would you mind leaving a message in the comments when you finally do get through? I’d like to have a clear idea of how often it’s happening. Thanks.

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  1. I often have trouble with your site coming up…it happened three times today!

  2. I made it thru….

  3. Laurie, I know you had trouble earlier today too.

    Has it only been happening in the past week? Or ever since I switched from Typepad?

  4. It happened once at around 3 this afternoon, and then again just now. It took forever in loading and then timed out. Then I tried to load it again and it took two seconds

  5. I’ve had trouble off and on over the last 4 or 5 days but I didn’t have any trouble before that. I’d assumed it was because of an overload of visitors checking out all the recent posts.

  6. I had this problem for the first time today when I tried to visit your site by clicking on a link in Google Reader. Clicking “Refresh” brought your blog up. I have never had this problem when visiting your site directly. A few questions come to my mind: Are you on a shared server? If so, you may need a private app pool. Do you have a limit on your bandwidth? Could you be exceeding it? I am guessing the answer to my first question is yes and that that is where your problem lies. Good luck in getting it resolved.

  7. I had trouble a few days ago but none since then. May just have been a hiccup. 🙂

  8. no trouble loading (although it was slow a few days ago) but the feed seems to have stopped. I use bloglines.

  9. Really? That’s strange. I’m seeing the feed on Google Reader with no problems. Anyone else not getting my feed?

    The page load problem seems to be due to the server switch. Should be sorted out soon, I hear.

  10. I often do. Sometimes it just takes a long time. sometimes I get an error. The feed seems fine it is when I click through that I have problems.

  11. Took a long time to load today, but I did get through (obviously!).

  12. I got an error today, but I chopped off the blog part, went to, then clicked blog and from there it worked great.

  13. Sometimes I can’t get to your site (it shows up in the Google feed but I can’t actually load up your page in my browser).

    I don’t think it’s ever failed to show up in Google Reader, at least not for me.

  14. It’s been reaalllly slow to load of late, timing out several times and just not loading at all. Maybe over the last week or so? Hard to remember, exactly, but for the last while the load has trouble more often than not (for me). Tonight, it was very slow and then loaded without all your fancy new header and sidebars and stuff. It has your new font for post titles, and the frame aroung the edges, but every post was just text. Then when I clicked through to leave this “trouble loading” comment, all the fancy new stuff returned. Weird. I’m using Internet Explorer with Windows XP– haven’t changed anythign lately on my end.

  15. I was having trouble over the weekend, but it seems to have resolved itself.

    However, my two previous comments have disappeared.