Immediately, Immediately, Immediate-ly

January 23, 2009 @ 12:26 pm | Filed under: Fun Learning Stuff, Language Arts

As my husband is wont to say, God bless YouTube. One of the girls was confused about whether or not to drop the silent e in “unfortunately.” I know how I resolved that question at her age, and I went a-googling to see if I could find a certain video clip.

And sure enough, faster than a rolling O, there it was.

Of course you know we spent the next hour watching more Electric Company clips, with the girls cracking up at my terrier-like 70s-child excitement. The lolly song! And that other lollipop song, the creepy one. Hey, you guys! Silent E! The uberfunky TION song, which I now realize may have been the genesis of my environmentalist streak. (Rewatching it, I’m rather shocked by the garmentlessness of the crowd at the end of the song. I guess the Age of Aquarius touched kiddie TV too.)

Look, there’s Morgan Freeman with a broken leg singing “There’s a Hole at the Bottom of the Sea.” Frankly, I always thought the gang was a little hard on the gorilla.

Rose and Bean liked Letterman best, and who can blame them?

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  1. I read in the paper yesterday that an all-new Electric Company will debut tonight on our local PBS station.

  2. Oh, my! No wonder I am so warped! But I sure can spell, by goLLy!

  3. Crayons likes The Punctuation Brothers skit with Rita Moreno. We’ve used Letterman segments too.

  4. We tried to watch the new version of Electric Company but it just didn’t live up to the original. We have the DVD set of the Best of Electric Company and I figure that counts for grammar and phonics for the little ones, right?

  5. Oh my goodness – how did I learn to read or spell without these?! They are fab! I don’t think we had them in the UK, or maybe I just missed them, but from now on I shall make sure that my children are not so deprived – thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you so much for this post. My children were entranced by these clips. We don’t have a TV–I think perhaps my children are a little starved for this sort of thing. I would never have thought of looking for the Electric Company on youtube. I will also look for the DVD the other commenter mentioned.

  7. We watched “The Mathematics of Love” this week, because Rachel was asking about Roman Numerals. Fun stuff!

  8. You. Are. Responsible. For. My. Latest. Earworm!

    And I never even WATCHED the Electric Company before this! One UTube viewing and for 24 hours I’ve been hearing Immediately, Immediately, Immediate-L-Y!

  9. FYI – the old Electric Company series is available from NetFlix, we l:)ve them!

    I saw the new version last week. Let’s just say I’m enough of a curmudgeon to say tsk tsk. The old ones were so much better!

    (in my opinion, not so very humble at all!)