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My Twitter widget was being persnickety (seems to be a widespread problem today), so I nixed it from the sidebar. But I know a bunch of you are dropping by to see if I’ve twittered any baby news, which I most likely WILL do when the ball finally gets rolling, so here’s the link to my Twitter page for all my friends on babywatch. 🙂

(And thanks for all the well-wishes!)

A Joke Only an 8-Months-Pregnant Friend Could Make

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Yesterday, during Rose’s piano class, my cell phone buzzed with the information that Alice was IMing me. I thumb-tapped back to her: “Hi! Am sitting in piano,” knowing she’d know that meant I was answering from the phone’s tiny keyboard and she should expect truncated responses to her half of the conversation.

“Of course!” she wrote back. “It’s the only piece of furniture big enough to hold you!”

I laughed so hard it’s a wonder my water didn’t break.

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