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I contemplated fresh starts.

I experimented with a a new departure in flavorings. (My famous chicken tortilla chai soup recipe. Mm mm bleck.)

Then it was time to Journey North again!



I finished crocheting a sweater, almost. (Never did put the buttons on. Rilla won’t wear it, anyway. No ladybugs on it.)

Wonderboy got glasses.

We had bad days and good ones.



I sang out loud in the grocery store.

John Stilgoe knocked my socks off and got me contemplating how Way Leads on to Way and how Every Face I Look at Seems Beautiful.



In a word: Barcelona! Barcelona! Barcelona!



I contemplated my Mother’s Days and celebrated 14 years with That Cute Boy.

I got very wordy about houseplants. Twice.



Scott battled a fearsome beast in our laundry room. I read about the epic fight on IM.

I explained my Doctor Roster.



My big girls went to Colorado for a week.

We were happy to get them back again.

Then we ditched them for the San Diego Comic-Con. (Scott had to: it’s his job. Me? I tagged along for the photo ops.)



We started the 100 Species Challenge. (And though we’ve not kept up the blogging-it part, we’ve done really well with the species ID part! I think we’re in the 60s now.)

I had a little hospital adventure.



I made curtains! (I didn’t say I made them well.)

We kept on learning new stuff about our sweet Wonderboy.



I celebrated the San Diego autumn and small happinesses. And more autumn, and more happinesses. (About that sourdough starter, though? Epic fail.)



My parents came to visit, and we enjoyed a fabulous week of exploring SoCal with the big girls.



‘Twas a month of Twittered moments, and birthdays, and sewing, and books, and Advent moments both magical and mucky.

And now it’s 2009, and we’re about to make another fresh start.

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