My New Favorite Word

April 7, 2009 @ 7:12 am | Filed under:

Rilla is standing on a stool, flicking the light on and off, using, so she tells me, “the light flitch.”

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    Elizabeth H. says:

    We had ‘Holy Firit’ and ‘fiky’ thorns at that age. Lovely.

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    Kay says:

    My favorite from when Anna was four was
    twirlet for toilet. Logical because can’t you see the water whirling down?

    Also thanks for the many amazing book trails. We are so enjoying them. Seems as though we are often in the same groove/level of learning. The much needed help is appreciated as our kids are getting older I need to remember to stretch yet again.

    10 year old daughter
    14 year old son
    Both with birthdays this spring and summer to gain yet another year:)

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    Deana says:

    Cute! Yesterday, Laynie (will be 3 in June) called scissors, “snippers.” LOL