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April Days

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I took a little blog break for Easter. Meant to leave you with a pretty picture on top, but forgot and what you got was Hugh Laurie. Ah, well. It’s a nice face.

I can’t believe we’re halfway through April already. Slow down, life. Not that we’ve been excessively busy. Pretty mellow here of late, really. Last week all our usual activities were canceled for spring break. We hung out at home, played lots of Legend of Zelda, made pizza (thanks again for the help—I think we’ll make another one for dinner tonight), worked and played outside in the yard. The younger kids went on a drawing jag and filled up the house with pictures. I made about ten different plans to tackle cleaning and organizing projects, and spent my spare time reading instead. And playing Hex Empire. WARNING: Do NOT click on that link. It will take you to the most addictive time-suck on the internet. It’s like the board game Risk, but without out those little plastic troops skittering across your table. Dangerous. Marvelous. Consuming.

This baby is the smilingest baby ever. He loves to be sung to and gazes up with huge blue eyes and that awesome wide gummy open-mouth grin. How do you DO that? he seems to be saying. Those incredible sounds you make. I could listen all day! It’s like magic! It’s so—so—so overwhelming. I can’t look at you anymore. In fact, I think I must cry.

Is today the 13th? Jiminy crickets, the child is three months old already. I must have blinked again.