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Poetry Friday, But This Is Prose

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A passage for the commonplace book:

I saw a bubble float past my window, fat and wobbly and ripening toward that dragonfly blue they turn just before they burst. So I looked down at the yard and there you were, you and your mother, blowing bubbles at the cat, such a barrage of them that the poor beast was beside herself at the glut of opportunity. She was actually leaping in the air, our insouciant Soapy! Some of the bubbles drifted up through the branches, even above the trees. You two were too intent on the cat to see the celestial consequences of your worldly endeavors. They were very lovely. Your mother is wearing her blue dress and you are wearing your red shirt and you were kneeling on the ground together with Soapy between you and that effulgence of bubbles rising, and so much laughter. Ah, this life, this world.

—from Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

Sherry, you were so right; this novel is exquisite. I’ll have more to say, much more, in posts to come.

Here’s a link to Sherry’s Semicolon post on Gilead, which is where I first heard about this gorgeous book.

Scenes From a Backyard

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This fine crop of sunflowers sprang up beneath our bird feeder. Thanks, birds!


One of the sunflowers has nine blossoms on one stalk. I’ve never seen this before. It’s very cool.


We’re spending a lot of time in the backyard these days. This morning I packed a bag full of sketchbooks, colored pencils, watercolors, stuff I found around the house. A set of Sandra Dodd’s Thinking Sticks I bought a couple of years ago, some Trivial Pursuit cards, a pencil sharpener. Borrowed Jenn’s BRILLIANT idea of cutting good watercolor paper into postcard-sized pieces for kids to make small paintings.


I figured we’d be much more likely to sketch and paint if I made it easy to transport to the yard. I was right. 🙂