March 27, 2010 @ 7:31 am | Filed under: Breadmaking

People are sharing some good tips about the artisan-bread-in-five baking in the comments. I especially like the tip about doing the rising and baking steps on parchment instead of using cornmeal on a bread peel. (Or cookie sheet, in my case.)

I’m getting the hang of this. We haven’t bought bread in two weeks!

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  2. I can not imagine life without parchment paper! Love it!

  3. Anna researched roasting coffee beans for me today. So as and exchange for the delicious bread you have gotten us into. I kindly give you the fascination of the coffee bean, the second most valuable commodity in the world.
    Second to oil according to Jonathan Silvertown in An Orchard Invisible A HIstory of the Seed.
    I remember in the past you had a great teapot link. Where was it?