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I’m rerunning this old post full of gift ideas for homeschoolers—or anyone, really! Most of the posts linked below are a few years old and could be added to, of course. For now, a big round-up of posts from the past.

The Grandpa Gifts (personalized alphabet books & placemats)

Books we love
More books we love
Still more, some real gems in this one
More, some out of print but track-downable
• A bunch of nature & gardening books I like

Interjection: The above is a series of posts I wrote several years ago. There are, needless to say, many more books I could add to the list of Books We Love. Such as:

• the new Betsy-Tacy reissues
Shark vs. Train
Miss Suzy
• everything on my Truly, Maudly, Deeply list
• books about our Favorite Fictional Families

I’ve compiled all of them in my giant master list of book recommendations

Now back to the original post—

Signing Time DVDs
More about Signing Time
Yet more about Signing Time

Settlers of Catan, Wedgits

Books on drawing

Art prints

Family memberships to zoos, museums, etc.

MUSE magazine, CLICK, ODYSSEY, SPIDER, ASK, MY BIG BACKYARD—all these have been much-appreciated gifts to my kids by Scott’s parents

• My most widely linked post: Things to buy instead of curriculum

Each of the above links is a longer post on the subject.

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  1. I have Settlers of Catan in my shopping cart, thanks to you.

  2. My husband talked my family into trying Catan and it’s AMAZING. I am totally hooked now.

  3. Melissa, Thank you so much for this. I am linking to it tomorrow in my post and gift list list too. Oh, I wish we could go out for tea! (Missed you this Poetry Friday and I expect you on your birthday when I host. Hear?) xo, a.

  4. We love Catan too, especially our 9-year-old daughter. Someone on your original Catan post asked about ages because the box says 12+. If your children can follow some strategy, I’d definitely say younger works.

    We also like the Seafarers of Catan extension.

    My husband writes a game blog and has descriptions of many games (and writes for National Catholic Register and sometimes Faith and Family).

    If it might help in finding other games:

    He’s done the Catan app, but now I’ve reminded him that he needs to do a fill post on Catan itself, and it’s variants.

  5. Thank you for all the wonderful gift ideas! One of our family favorites is storyteller Odds Bodkin. Highly recommended!

  6. Looking forward to following up with these links. We bought Settlers of Catan a few years ago on your recommendation and loved it so much, we bought the towns & cities version as well. Best game ever.