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I support Kidlit4JapanAs of Tuesday morning, the Children’s Authors and Illustrators for Japan Auctions have raised a staggering $6,000 for tsunami victim relief efforts. The auction for my contribution—a signed set of Martha books in paperback—will begin at 2pm EDT on Wednesday. I’ll post the direct link then.

These are my four Martha Years books, the original, unabridged editions with illustrations by Renee Graef. I’ll inscribe them any way the auction winner wishes.

The titles are:

Little House in the Highlands
The Far Side of the Loch
Down to the Bonny Glen
Beyond the Heather Hills

I was asked to set an estimated value for the package—a very difficult question! I said $40 for the lot but now that most of these books are out of print, individual copies are selling for more than that on Amazon Marketplace. (Yikes!)

For information about how the auctions work, click here.

UPDATE: The Martha books auction is open! Click through to place a bid.

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    Jennifer says:

    Sounds like a steal to me! How very generous of you!