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Scarlet Fever

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Well! Wonderboy has scarlet fever. Which, when you’re raised on Mary Ingalls and Helen Keller, is a really alarming thing to hear about your own kid. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am SO GRATEFUL I live in the magical age of antibiotics.

Did you know scarlet fever is when you have strep and it causes your entire body to break out in a rash? Yeah, I didn’t know that. Strep! Half the kids in our circle of friends have been down with strep in the past few weeks—strep throat, I mean. I haven’t heard about anyone else having the rash. I suppose the rest of my kids are next. Looks like we’ll be spending Easter right here at home, this year. (more…)

We’re also stealing the term “rerack.”

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Scott sent me this recipe from an interview with actress Julie Bowen:

“The recipe is embarrassingly easy,” Bowen admits. “I put a little grated cheese on top, and honestly, my husband thinks I’m a chef every time I serve it. All my kids eat it because it’s one of the only things I can make,” she says with a laugh. Here, in her own words, is the secret recipe. Just don’t tell her husband.

1. Pour two 32-oz. cartons of chicken broth into a pot.*

2. Buy one of those roasted chickens at the supermarket, take all the meat off, and dump it into the pot.

3. Add two cans of cannellini beans, a big jar of salsa verde, and some cumin. Let it sit on the stove for an hour.

4. Throw some grated cheese on top and serve.

*Note: CHICKEN BROTH. Not chai tea latte!

So, yeah, that’s dinner tonight. I even have an open jar of salsa verde in the fridge that needs using up. The salsa verde, not the fridge.

You’re wondering why Scott’s reading a Parade magazine interview of Julie Bowen. I’m telling you, the guy reads everything.