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Things We’re Doing These Days

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In brief, and in no particular order, because I am pressed for time but don’t want to forget what was happening in late March, 2011:

• Playing a lot of Munchkin and laughing our fool heads off. I will long savor that sweet, sweet moment when I demolished my dear daughters by whipping out a Doppelganger card I’d been secretly holding—and thereby destroying the Level 20 Dragon (+5 Intelligence) they teamed up to sic on me. Because nothing says “gentle motherhood” like wielding a Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment against the team effort of one’s children.

• Reading and rereading a batch of Elephant and Piggie books. But then you knew that already.

• Watching M*A*S*H. This one is Scott & the big girls. It’s what they do last thing in the evening while I’m in here finishing up my work time.

• Watching Firefly—one of my top five all-time favorite shows. It’s Jane’s first time; Scott and I are treating ourselves to a few episodes a week with Jane after the other kids are in bed. This is a VERY good way to end the day.

• Thinking about getting ready for Wondercon, but not actually managing much of the actual GETTING READY. Which is unfortunate, since Scott and I leave Friday morning. My parents arrive tomorrow—they are staying here with the kids while we head up to San Fran—and maybe THEN I’ll move past the thinking stage. Maybe.

Home Remedy

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Rilla: Mommy, Rose says I have headacheitis.

Me: Yikes, that sounds serious! What is it?

Rilla: It’s when you color for too long and you get bored.

Me: Oh, I see.

Rilla: But it’s okay because there’s a cure. Rose said so.

Me: Well, that’s a relief. What’s the cure?

Rilla: It’s you reading all the Elephant and Piggie books with me. I’ll be Piggie.

Passing the Duck

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Rilla, crossly: “Beanie made Mr. Duck be all wet!”

Me: “Are you sure it was Beanie? That sounds more like your baby brother.”

Rilla: “No, I KNOW it was Beanie because I was pretending she was my dog and I kept putting Mr. Duck in her mouth.”

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We all have our priorities.

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On Saturday I took the three oldest girls to the San Diego Science Expo at Petco Park. Throngs of people, dozens of nifty hands-on exhibits and activities, a mental overload of Very Cool Stuff. My favorite part was when we’d made it about halfway around the circuit inside the stadium and came to a large ring of booths in a park just outside, and Beanie and Jane were practically cheering with enthusiasm: Look at the guy making smoke rings with that gizmo! Look at the motorized robot-car built out of Legos!


Hey, candymaking is a science, right?

Sadly, the Showley Bros. Candy Factory is no longer operational, and the plans for our next field trip died a-borning.

I took my camera to the Expo but neglected to take it out of my bag. I did snap one quick pic of the smoke-rings guy on my cellphone (which happened to be in my hand because I was googling the Showley Bros. Candy Factory).

The smoke rings didn’t show up in the photo, but I do believe that’s a bit of Beanie’s hair in the lower left.

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Saturday Links

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ETA: Doh! Didn’t know I’d posted these links! Meant to save to drafts.

Kinect controlling Apps on Windows 7 –

Map of countries officially not using the metric system | ZME Science

HT: Phoebe G.

How Do You Educate a Little Geek? | GeekDad |

Nutella Mug Cake | The Family Kitchen

“I modified the classic mug cake recipe, added Nutella, and a little more milk and oil than I had been using before. The results were beyond amazing. Finally, chocolate mug cake perfection, with a hint of Nutella flavor. “

tags: recipes

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