Farewell June

July 2, 2011 @ 7:48 pm | Filed under: Family Adventures, Snippets

So wait, it’s July all of a sudden? I need to do some quick June notes.

* Brief trips to Phoenix (with Rose & Bean) and Pasadena (with Jane)

* A day with Kristen and my amazing goddaughter

* Shakespeare Club performance of scenes from Twelfth Night:
oh those kids made me proud!

* The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

* Lots of game time for everyone, including The Floating City and Glitch

* The Bat-Poet with Rilla and her stuffed bat, Bitty

* 84, Charing Cross Road

* New session of speech therapy for Wonderboy

* Jane started a C++ class online

* Huck’s hair went curlsplosion again

* The sunflowers are forming buds

* Hollyhock bloomed AT LONG LAST (we waited three years)

* Monarch caterpillars on the milkweed
(first spotted today, so technically a July note)

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  1. Jane is going to rule the world, says Tech Boy.

    Your summer sounds idyllic. Aren’t hollyhocks amazing!?

  2. These hollyhocks surprised us—they turned out to be some fancy ruffly variety. The flowers look more like carnations than hollyhocks! Katherine White would not approve. 😉 But they are gorgeous!

    Very happy to hear Tech Boy’s assessment—Jane really wants to learn programming and we weren’t sure where to start. Asked a friend of ours who’s a game developer and he said lots of younger programmers are coming in w/o C++ but many older things are still built on it (with it? around it? I am out of my lingo-depth here). She’s loving it so far…stayed up late the other night “building a calculator from scratch.” 🙂