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Thursday Links

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Mapping (Almost) Every Tree In Central Park : NPR

The idea behind this project makes me swoon.

“As a birder, Chaya says, he thought it wouldn’t be a hard task to map trees—unlike birds, they don’t move. But as he became more involved in the mapping project, the park changed.

“It was like learning how to see new colors, or textures,” Chaya says. “The park never looked the same again once I began to discover the many, many species of trees.”

Teaching the Physics of Angry Birds | GeekDad |

“It seems the natural laws of the popular Rovio game’s world do not entirely correspond to real-world physics, and the differences make for some interesting study opportunities.”

ETA two more Angry Birds links:

Here’s one on using Angry Birds to teach math, history, and science.

And this Angry Birds-themed birthday party from GeekMom knocked my socks off the other day.

Typing Beats Scribbling: Indiana Schools Can Stop Teaching Cursive

I was wondering when this would happen. Keyboarding skills are more vital these days. I’m pretty sure Scott hasn’t used cursive since fourth grade…