That’s just supercalifragilistic!

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The latest Facebook shenanigans spurred me to use, in all seriousness, the word “detopstorify” in conversation today. As in, I clicked the blue triangle to detopstorify one of my own posts that kept appearing in “Top Stories” on my feed. My friend Anne Marie took a screen shot of the Google listing for this silly, silly word to record its coinage for posterity. Sharing the moment here for my fellow homeschooglers and kidlitosphere pals.


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  1. sarah says:

    One thing I do appreciate about facebook that I think weblogs could have – a like button. Sometimes I can sum up everything I think about a post with “like” – and sometimes that is all I can get out in the time I have available.



  2. Penny says:

    +1 (grin)

  3. Kathryn says:

    Just Googled detopstorify – 78 hits, mostly this post on people’s sidebars. And so a new word is launched …

  4. Ami Jones says:

    I want to know why people I went to high school with and whose pages I never visit make my top stories, but my mother and my husband do not.

  5. maria says:

    Ami, not that I have a real clue, but maybe it is because facebook began as and still functions as a college/university social network where “friends” at school are way more important than family. I often feel like facebook seems to have the whole world living in the social mental state of late jr. high or maybe early highschool. All this said lightheartedly and not to irritate any facebook loving facebook users at all. So please no rotten tomatoes.

    Melissa, you amaze me w/all this info. Thank you! And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being at the birth of (or near it) a brand spankin’ new word! LOVE IT! Speaking of that, have you ever read the book “Frindle”? This is such a ‘frindle’ moment.
    šŸ˜€ maria