Um, Yes, I’m Sure That’s What He Was Saying

March 30, 2005 @ 9:49 pm | Filed under: , , ,

I was nursing Wonderboy today when Beanie careened across the bed and clonked heads with the baby. Wonderboy didn’t cry, but he raised a hand to his head and patted it gingerly.

“Awww!” cried Beanie. “Look, he’s signing ‘lettuce!’ ”

Click here to see why that’s what Beanie thought.

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    Glenn Bliss says:

    That is hilarious and adorable.
    I had to tell you after I read the pacifier/hearing aid story that my five year old daughter was helping me babysit a neighbor’s baby boy last week. The child had a pacifier in his mouth, but when my daughter made him laugh it fell on the floor. So she picked it up, popped it in his mouth and said “There, now you won’t get bugs in your mouth”. She still thinks pacifiers are for keeping the bugs out of the mouth of babes and I couldn’t bring myself to tell her otherwise.

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    Julie says:

    O. M. G. that is just too priceless. Who knew that ASL could introduce another whole venue for kid humor? I’m jealous!