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Last week I shared Billi-Jean’s rhapsody on glitter. Today I shall give air time to a dissenting opinion. Selkie writes:

[W]hen my friend Kate advised me not to try the glitter stars craft from the Elizabeth Foss Advent unit we’re both doing pieces of, I said, “Glitter? Glitter is evil. There will never be glitter in my home,” and she said, “Oh, I just read a blog post about a woman who loves glitter.” I asked her to send me the link, because personally I would rather have a rat in my house than a tub of glitter. A rat I could whack on the head with a mop and then he would be dead, but glitter is FOREVER.

Oh, Selkie, how my husband agrees with you. Glitter on the floor, on the bottom of socks, on the sofa cushions, in the roots of hair, brings out a maniacal (yes I’m going to say it) glitter in his eyes. But, but, I always say, it’s so pretty. It’s sparkly! Somehow this masterful rhetoric has failed to convince him.

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  1. Barb Szyszkiewicz, sfo says:

    I’m one of those anti-glitter people myself. It ranks right up there with Easter grass, in my opinion. Why is it that I am still finding Easter grass during ADVENT?

  2. Andrea says:

    Gliter really *is* forever. Just yesterday, I noticed some sparkly gliter on Ron’s face.

    The last time we had glitter in the house was when one of my daughters won a flower barbie complete with a jar of “fairy dust” glitter to sprinkle everywhere (Yeah, there’s a reason you can’t find THAT on the shelves any more.) .

    I think that was 1998. Before we moved. Still glitter-fied.

  3. Becky in Alberta says:

    I’m in the anti-glitter camp too. I was delighted when dd joined Brownies so that she could make all sorts of glittery crafts there, over *their* carpet lol. But I’m not above buying my niece an Usborne glitter arts and craft book for Christmas, with all the necessary equipment, including, um, glitter glue and several different shades of glitter. Well, she doesn’t live in my house : )

    Have finally had some time to rediscover all the goodies here. Thanks, Melissa.