Mrs. Child on Fresh Eggs

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EGGS.—To prove whether they are good or bad, hold the large end of the egg to your tongue; if it feels warm, it is new; but if cold, it is bad. In proportion to the heat or cold, is the goodness of the egg. Another way to know is to put the egg in a pan of cold water; the fresher the egg, the sooner it will fall to the bottom; if rotten, it will swim. If you keep your eggs in ashes, salt or bran, put the small end downwards; if you turn them endways once a week, they will keep some months.

—from The American Frugal Housewife
by Lydia Maria Child

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  1. Becky says:

    In fact, even you keep them in the fridge (which you really should be doing, and you shouldn’t be licking any eggs — especially the supermarket kind — without washing them first, shudder), it’s best to keep them small side pointed down for maximum freshness.

    Oh, the things I know now that I didn’t when an apartment dweller lol.