What We Said Seventeen Times Yesterday

July 11, 2006 @ 6:33 am | Filed under:

"We need to call Jake and wish him a happy birthday!"

What I said about thirty times the day before:

"We need to call my sister today and wish her a happy birthday!"

Saying isn’t doing. Doggone it. Note to self and husband: MAKE PHONE CALLS TODAY.

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  1. Isabel says:

    Oh, I used to be SO good at remembering birthday and getting cards in the mail. But now that my baby is here….I forget every single birthday.

    I wish I would have always just forgotten them, because now I just look BAD.

  2. Karen E. says:

    Parallel guilt here … yesterday, two people called me, and I’ve been saying for a week, about both these people, “I’ve got to call them!” They both called as I was heading out the door with the kids, so we made appointments for phone calls today. I’ve inked them in on the planner. 🙂

  3. Ana Paula Peterson says:

    No problem Lissa,
    I just showed Jake your happy birthday wish, which is just as good as a call for a 12 year old.