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I Heart Google

August 1, 2006 @ 5:44 pm | Filed under:

From now on, when people ask me where my kids go to school, I will not answer, as I usually do, “They’re homeschooled.” I’m going to start saying, “They’re homeschoogled” instead. Just to see what kind of reaction I get. Ever since I whisked all our baskets of books down to the basement to make the house Extra Special Nice for showing to potential buyers, the kids and I have relied on these here internets more than ever. Scary new bug on the porch? Google it. Something new to do with chicken breasts? Google it. Want to see the view from the water taxi daddy rode on last night? (Everybody chime in:) Google it.

Remember when we used to look up synonyms in actual books? When’s the last time you opened a paper thesaurus?

Homeschoogle. I like it.